Renew membership.

  • Memberships run from 31 of March to 31st March the year following, and are not prorated if you join during the year.
  • Please ensure that your PayPal postal address and details are correct as the membership card and the club magazine will go to this address.
  • We do not have membership numbers, if you are renewing your MSNZ race licence they will contact us to confirm your are a financial member. If you need to use the Club card for Motorsport events, simply state the expiry date on the relevant entry form
  • If this membership is for someone other than the credit card holder - Please provide details on the check out page (note to seller).
  • Please note membership processing and new card processing can take up to 14 business days to reach your mailbox
  • Please note we use PAYPAL as our payment portal, you dont need a PAYPAL account to use it, just follow the prompts for credit card options at the bottom of the redirection page when checking out.

Renew BMW Car Club of New Zealand Membership Ending March 31st 2022

  • By joining or renewing your BMW Car Club of New Zealand membership you agree to abide by the Rules of the BMW Car Club of New Zealand. You acknowledge that the provided information is supplied with the understanding that it will be used for BMW Car Club purposes only, and may also be supplied to the International Council of BMW Clubs