Our first skid pan day since 2015! This year we have teamed up with the BMW Race Driver Series on their annual scholarship day and we will be running the skid pan. We will be running the skid pan wet so rain or shine it will go ahead.

Starting from 9:30am-4pm August 15th 


Cost is $50 per driver and payment must be made to confirm your place prior to the event.


Please note:

You must be a current financial member to participate

You must present your membership card

You may have a passenger

You must have a helmet if you have a roll cage

You may need an umberella

You may need a hat

You must have fun!

BMW Race Series & BMW Car Club Skid Pan

$65.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • Skidpan Rules

    • Users participating in the activities must be aware of any inherent risk associated with the activities and by participating are voluntarily accepting the risks involved in such activities.
    • Each driver and passenger must sign an indemnity and wear a wrist band.
    • It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all people participating in the activity conduct the activity in an appropriate and responsible manner in accordance with any rules governing the activity (including any resource consents) and do not create a health or safety risk to themselves or other persons using or visiting the facility.
    • No more than 2 cars on the skidpan at any given time. (unless cleared by the track manager)
    • No hirer/user may operate any vehicle on the track without first obtaining the permission of the Circuit Manager or duty manager.
    • The hirer/user is responsible for evaluating the safety and performance of their vehicle and ensuring that it is safe to use at all times.
    • The user shall be held responsible for any damage to the facility.
    • At all times on the skid pan, drivers and passengers must wear appropriate safety gear as advised on the health and safety plan
    • No static burn outs are permitted on the skid pan.
    • Under no circumstances should fluids other than water be used on either the Skid-Pan to assist with a loss of traction. Should fluids be used then this will result in an immediate cancellation of the booking and the user will be liable for all costs associated with removing the fluid.
    • Spill kits and fire extinguishers are charged if used.
    • Speed limits within the venue must always be adhered to  and no drifting/testing on the internal roads.
    • The venue must be left free of litter and in the condition it was found.
    • Hampton Downs will not be liable for the damage or loss of equipment brought and or left on the premises.
    • Tyres left on-site will be disposed of at a fee of $10 per tyre invoiced to the event organiser.
    • Do not hop out of your vehicle at any stage while the pad is live. Fix any issues i.e. cones, when all cars are off the pad

         Auckland : Bay of Plenty/Waikato : Wellington/Lower North Island : Christchurch